We had an amazing time at the first ever Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge. We can't thank everyone enough that came out and enjoyed it with us, especially our sponsors! Below you will find the winners of each of the events. 

 Benchrest Pro Class

1st: Johan Axelsson - FX Impact X .30 Score: 206

2nd: Todd Hatfield - FX Impact .30 Score: 203 X’s: 2 

3rd: Ted Bier - FX Impact .30 Score: 203 X’s: 1


Benchrest Amateur Class

1st: Justin Welch - FX Impact Score: 202 X’s: 2 

2nd: Josh Plumb- FX Impact Score: 200 X’s: 2

3rd: Tim Vanerlinden - FX Crown Score: 187  X’s: 0 


 Speed Skills Pro Class

1st: Thayne Simmons - FX Impact

2nd: Fredrik Axelsson - FX Impact 

3rd: Shane Keller - Brocock Bantam Sniper .22


Speed Skills Amateur

1st: Justin Welch - FX Impact

2nd: Jere Reneer - FX Crown

3rd: Sylvan Adamson - FX Wildcat


Precision Rifle Course Pro Class

1st: Matthew Dubber - FX Impact Score: 42 Points 

2nd: Val Simmons FX Impact Score: 42 Points

3rd: Thayne Simmons -FX Impact Score: 35 Points 


Precision Rifle Course Amateur Class

1st: Tim Vanderlinden - FX Crown Score: 33 Points 

2nd: Jayson Barnes - FX Crown Score: 29 Points 

3rd:  Josh Plumb  - FX Impact Score: 29 Points 


25 Meter Pro Class

1st: Ken Hicks - RAW Score: 489 X’s: 17 

2nd: Cameron Brinkerhoff - RAW Score: 485 X’s: 12 

3rd: Mark Buchanan - RAW Score: 484 X’s: 17


25 Meter Amateur Class

1st: Justin Welch -  Score: 485 X’s: 16 

2nd: Joe Berg -  FX Impact Score: 478 X’s: 12 FX Impact

3rd: Jayson Barnes - FX Crown Score: 478 X’s: 11 


Big Bore

1st: Doug Noble - AirForce

2nd: Jeff Crisler - AirForce

3rd: Jim Smith - AirForce

Small Bore

1st: Doug Noble - AirForce

2nd: Val Simmons - American Air Arm Slayer

3rd: Nick Nielsen - AirForce