THE R.M.A.C. 100 BENCHREST: The Garth Killpack Shooting Range in Hobble Creek Canyon is one of the toughest ranges to shoot at. With wind howling down the canyon in the morning and switching back and forth mid-day this event will test competitors patience, skill and adaptability. The benchrest event will be held in 3 different rounds this year:

  • 2 Qualifying Rounds at 100 Yards.

  • 1 Final Round at 100 Yards.

Shooters will have a 30 minute round to shoot 25 targets with 25 total shots. Pellet guns up to .30 caliber may be used with mass production diabolo pellets only.

*A full list of detailed rules will be released in the coming weeks, but the general rules from past benchrest events will apply.

PRECISION MARKSMAN CHALLENGE: The Precision Marksman Challenge Course is why the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge was created. PRS type shooting events have exploded in popularity in recent years. Shooters will be required to shoot from a variety of different positions and obstacles (prone, standing, barricades, etc) under time pressure. Most of the targets will be reactive steel. This event will challenge competitors and we can guarantee the best all-around shooters will come out on top. The general course of fire will be announced a month or so prior to June 6th so you will have time to review and practice.

***Please be aware the Precision Marksman Challenge is a physically demanding event. You will be required to move from different positions (For Example: Prone to Sitting to Standing). For the safety of volunteers and other shooters we would ask that you would only compete if you are physically ready.***


SLUG CHALLENGE: If you don’t have a slug shooting airgun you should go buy one just to compete in this event! With a mix of both reactive metal and paper targets out to 300 yards the course will show how powerful and accurate some of these slugging airguns are.

We will have two different classes available to compete in:

  • Magnum Power Class: Above 140 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

  • Standard Power Class: Below 140 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

    *Guns are subject to muzzle energy testing at any time throughout the competition.

The last year we saw a huge advancement in airgun technology with companies like FX coming out with guns and barrels capable of shooting both slugs and pellets. The Small Bore slug class will allow shooters to compete with lower power slug calibers (.22 / .25 / .30). We are excited to see what is possible with these airguns now!


SPEED CHALLENGE: The 2018 RMAC Speed Challenge was probably the most fun and talked about event of the whole competition! This years Speed Challenge will only be bigger, faster and more competitive. All shooters will be randomly drawn in to 8-10 person squads before the event starts and you will compete against the people in your squad throughout the Speed Challenge.

There will be a number of different stages set up with different courses of fire. At each stage everyone will draw to be paired against a fellow squad mate. Those two competitors will then race through the outlined course of fire as fast as possible. The winner will then take the points for that stage.

***Please be aware the Speed Challenge also may have physically demanding stages.***


25-METER BENCHREST: This event will be a very traditional benchrest scoring format. We will aim to follow all the standard rules and regulations from the United States Air Rifle Benchrest organization. Competitors will shoot at a total of 3, 25 target cards (75 shots total). This will be done over the course of 3, 25-minute rounds.

*Only .177, .20 and .22 caliber airguns will be allowed.