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*If an event shows full, and you would like to shoot it, please still select the event and we will put you down as an alternate.

Last year, RMAC was amazing! Our expectations and goals are even higher for 2019. We promise that June 6th-9th will have the whole airgun world fixated on the Garth Killpack Range in Springville, Utah.


Pro - $225 entry fee. We would prefer that you only compete as a Pro if you have participated in other airgun or shooting competitions previously.

Sportsmans - $175 entry fee. This is our amateur class, if you have not competed as a pro in other events you may enter this class. Juniors will also sign up for the Sportsmans class.

*Budget - We are super excited to unveil the Budget Class for RMAC 2019. This will allow shooters to compete against equipment in the same price range. The MSRP value of the gun must be under $750.00 out of the factory. Here are some other guidelines regarding this class:

  • There is no dollar limit on value of scope or other external accessories (mounts, stock, etc).

  • We know that airgunners are some of the most creative and crafty hobbyists. With that being said minor internal modifications to the gun are allowed, but a majority of the gun must remain stock (barrel, action, trigger, regulator, etc).

  • If you have made internal modifications you will need to pass inspection from an RMAC employee prior to shooting.

  • The internal modifications + the gun value cannot exceed the $750.00 limit. 

  • If you have questions about your gun and if it would qualify, please contact us prior to the event to clear it ahead of time. 

*We will have a Budget and Junior specific prize table for the 100-Yard Benchrest Budget winner. The other events (PRS & Speed) will be rolled into the Sportsmans prize table.

Banquet Tickets are $25 Per person.

Banquet Tickets:
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